Volume 4, Issue 6, April 1996

Article Summary:


One of the most dangerous pitfalls for readers of the Bible and for those wishing to live Christian lives, is to believe that there can be only one interpretation to each verse or passage of Scripture. This assumption is not only erroneous, but it is also one of the basic causes for the lack of unity that has plagued the church through the centuries, and is the direct source for so much denominational fragmentation today. More . . .


In the second chapter of St. Luke's Gospel, we read of the presentation of Jesus in the Temple. His parents made the "poor man's offering" of two turtle doves, which was allowed, according to Leviticus 12, when the family could not afford to offer a lamb. Jesus was born into a poor family. More . . .


Once upon a time there was a man who had two sons. When the first son was born, the parents gave him love and care, but was not able to dress him in fine clothes or to send him to school. When the boy was old enough both father and son went out into the fields and worked from dawn to dusk. More . . .


1. One can run away from life, or at least one can try to. Read the Book of Jonah. Let's not run away from life.
2. One can run along with life. To take it as it is - no questions, no thoughts, no dreams.
3. One can try to run life - both your own and the lives of others. Myself and what is mine is what matters.
4. One can acknowledge a power higher and greater than their own, and in love and commitment choose to follow the leading of that power. More . . .


A child reading Bible stories commented to her mother that God must have been more exciting in those days. More . . .

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